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  • Evento presentación KIREI,  el simulador financiero de las energías renovables

    Evento presentación KIREI,  el simulador financiero de las energías renovables

    Alter5 lanza Kirei, una plataforma tecnológica de acceso libre que permite a cualquier promotor conocer la viabilidad de un proyecto de energía renovable a 20 años. Además de la rentabilidad, el informe financiero calcula cuántos ingresos generará conforme a la predicción de precios de energía y producción, su capacidad de endeudamiento, la huella de carbono que […]

  • Alter5 lanza “Kirei”, la herramienta para conocer la viabilidad financiera y el impacto ambiental y social de los proyectos de energía renovable

    Kirei permite a los promotores generar un modelo financiero a 20 años con las previsiones de precios de energía, financiación, rentabilidades y la estimación del impacto ESG. La herramienta está desarrollada por Alter5 dentro del marco de financiación lanzado junto con el Fondo Europeo de Inversiones para acelerar la transición energética. El modelo financiero que […]

  • Inversión con Visión Sostenible

    Para leer el reporte de nuestros analistas, haz click aquí En Alter5 nos enfocamos en inversiones que tengan un impacto positivo en el medio ambiento y en factores sociales y de gobernanza. En este reporte analizamos el crecimiento de las finanzas sostenibles y hacia donde van los próximos años.

  • Alter5: Finalist at the Global Fintech Hackcelerator

    The Global Fintech Hackcelerator is part of one of the most important fintech festivals in the world, the Singapore FinTech Festival, powered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) -Singapore’s central bank- and Oliver Wyman. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) -Singapore’s central bank- released the finalists of this year’s program that encompassed the theme […]

  • Spain: The EU’s new energy supplier

    Moscow to Madrid: Why Spain will Replace Russia as Europe’s New Energy Supplier These past few months have had Russia and Gazprom in the headlines, while energy prices increase exponentially in the region. In our analysis we explore why the European Union has a Russian dependency for gas, the potential Spain has to be the […]

  • A5 hope on COP26: A pivotal moment in the fight against climate change

    To read the full version of the Alter5 report: click here Identifying pressing needs for the future since 1994 For almost three decades, world governments have met every year to create a global response to the climate emergency. Since the 1994 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), climate change has gone from being […]

  • Alternative Investments in Europe and the United States

    Read the full article here For the most part, the alternative investment market in the EU shares many similarities with its U.S. counterpart in terms of composition, with real estate, private equity and private debt playing major roles in both markets. However, the two markets differ in two key areas: size, where the American alternative […]

  • European Capital Markets and Bank-Bias in the EU

    To read the full article: PDF Format One of Alter 5’s primary goals is to connect renewable energy developers and promoters with capital markets investors. Our goals align closely with those of the EU’s Capital Markets Union (CMU), which seeks to foment growth in European capital markets in a financial system dominated by banks: In […]

  • Green Alternative Investment and Alpha Returns

    PDF Format BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink, in a letter to fellow CEOs, made a special note of the growing importance of sustainability, not simply as a nod to changing public attitudes, but also for the ability of “sustainability- and climate-integrated portfolios [to] provide better risk-adjusted returns to investors.” BlackRock’s findings reflect a growing sense in […]

  • The European Union’s Green New Deal: A Primer

    In her recent state of the union address, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, outlined her target of reducing the EU’s carbon emissions by 55% by 2030. This new target (up from a previously stated 40%) came with a reiteration of the EU’s commitment to the Green New Deal, a plan to […]